Referral Metrics

Networking With A Purpose

Referral Metrics is a product designed and developed by Excelleweb in partnership with Cylinder Solutions.  It is a system designed to manage the personal networking functions of anyone who relies on business referrals for their own business.

Why Create Referral Metrics?

Business people join networking organizations like AmSpirit Business Connections, BNI, Rotary, Chambers of Commerce, etc. hoping that they will find new contacts which may lead to new sales.  However it can all be very random and difficult to quantify.  If any documentation process does exist, it only results in numbers being counted.

  • You may know that you received 29 referrals last year, but from whom?
  • What business category were they representing?
  • What was the exact revenue number that resulted from those referrals?

It’s 2017, should you be using paper and pen to document your networking or your mobile device and laptop/computer?

With Referral Metrics You Gain The Following Benefits:

  • Track Your Attendance At Networking Events

  • List All The Places Where You Network

    Chamber, Rotary, Associations, Networking Groups

  • Referrals Are Entered Via Mobile Devices & Computer

    List Content goes here

  • Both Referrals Given & Received Are Permanently Stored

    Historical data for every referral stored in your account for easy reference

  • Keep Referral Partners Informed

    Share progress reports with the person who gave the referral to you

  • Report: Given vs. Received Ratio

    Know whether you’re giving more than receiving

  • Report: Know your exact sales revenue through networking

    See which activities and people yield the best results

  • Report: List of Business Categories For Referrals

    Are you generating referrals for a select few or a diverse crowd of business categories?

  • Report: Know The Quality of Referrals You Generated for Others

    You receive feedback from those who received referrals from you

  • Set reminders for following up on referrals

    You are automatically notified at a future date to follow up on a referral

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