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When asking web consultants about SEO they may all give you a different perspective on how to do it correctly.  Unfortunately, some of those ‘consultants’ will prefer providing you the service that provides the most revenue for them, not what is best for your web site.

We offer 2 approaches to SEO.

  1. Paid Placement using Google Ads
  2. Organic SEO placing titles, keywords, descriptions, meta info in the source code of your web site and submit to all major search engines

We also want to be clear that SEO is not a magic wand and all of a sudden your web site turns into a money machine providing automatic revenues and new customers daily.  SEO will (when done correctly) raise your web site’s rankings in the search listings but in no way does it guarantee your phone ringing off the hook and everyone sending you email.

You also must have a compelling story to tell on your web site, convincing web site visitors to ‘convert’ (i.e., call you, subscribe to your email newsletter, complete your contact form, etc.)  If your web site content is boring and there are too few calls to action, it doesn’t matter how high your web site ranks in the search listings.

At Excelleweb, we never guarantee results.  However, we will tell you that we can improve your results by getting better rankings and helping you create a better user experience on your web site that compels visitors to take action.

If any web consultant tells you that they guarantee your results, you should run!  Search engines control how web sites are indexed and that information is not publicly advertised, but based on our years of experience and research we understand the complexities of SEO more than most other firms.


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